2013 BMW MOA Rally in Oregon

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2013 BMW MOA Rally in Oregon

Post by sweatmark »

Well, according to an article in my local newpaper this morning, the 2013 MOA International Rally will be held in Salem, Oregon:

http://www.statesmanjournal.com/article ... 306050026/

The location is a surprise, especially considering the recent MOA rallies just 2 hours away in Redmond, OR, in 2010 and 2001.

The fairgrounds are 10 minutes from home... Helps with fuel expenses, I suppose. Guess that means I'll have to clean the garage and host a Roadster/Rockster board BBQ!
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Re: 2013 BMW MOA Rally in Oregon

Post by sjbmw »

If you got a spare bedroom you can make some bucks.
Hotels sell out fast for the MOA Rally.

I would need 2 weeks off to do this one, we will see what a year brings...
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Re: 2013 BMW MOA Rally in Oregon

Post by mogu83 »

I'm stoked for this one. I've been looking for a reason to ride Rt3 across Alberta and British Columbia for a while. Family obligations caused me to miss the Last Redmond rally.
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