-----ATTENTION: If you are NEW and awaiting REGISTRATION----

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-----ATTENTION: If you are NEW and awaiting REGISTRATION----

Post by Doug »

I have made changes to the registration process to help alleviate spam!!

You MUST SEND ME AN EMAIL requesting that I register your new account.

Here are the steps:
-If you already have a userID and are able to log in and post, then stop reading now, you're fine and have nothing to do. This message only pertains to brand new vistors to R1150r.net.
-Click on the blue Register link at the top right and follow those steps first
-Then email me your userID - even though it says it will email me automatically, you still need to email me separately. This is just to make sure that you are really a person, and not a SPAMbot.

Thats it! Sorry to the new members about the extra step but the spam is out of control!

I am going to seriously look into upgrading to the new phpBB3. If anyone is a phpbb expert, please let me know in the event I need help migrating. The hard part will be moving all the old messages to the new board, I'd expect.

Thanks, Doug
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