WTB: R1150R ABS Module, even dead ones!!!

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WTB: R1150R ABS Module, even dead ones!!!

Post by scottdc_pdx »

I recently bought a R1150R that though in great shape the previous owner had removed the ABS and I am hoping to reinstall it. I don't mind the servo brakes and I like having ABS as I use my bikes year round and commute rain or shine in downtown Portland. Anyway, I know they are like gold but if anyone has an ABS module they'd be willing to let go let me know! I'm also looking for any of the related parts as well.

I'm also looking for a dead R1150R ABS module, if you've got one laying around let me know!!!!
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Re: WTB: R1150R ABS Module, even dead ones!!!

Post by towerworker »

Just saw your post. Probably way too late but........ I've a module out of my '04, it would work but then give a fault code and then go into back up. I completely pulled the system. The module is still sitting on the bench.

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