Selling SOLD. Gerbing Heated Gear Everything NEW

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Selling SOLD. Gerbing Heated Gear Everything NEW

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I'm selling the following heated gear due to this months new hobby interest's...
Everything listed is Brand New, Never Worn, Never Installed. Everything is in the ORIGINAL FACTORY BOX/PACKAGE...
You can check these items out online at Gerbing's .com & or The
I'll also be more than happy to send photos of everything & anything to your e-mail address... PM me...

(1).Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner - 12V Motorcycle (size MEDIUM) Item # JKLN13
12V heated jacket liner is the perfect addition for any rider wanting complete comfort, regardless of the temperature. Built on a durable, wind-resistant nylon chassis, this liner comes with 7 Microwire-powered heat zones; collar (1), chest (2), sleeves (2), and back (2). It is designed to be worn close to the body, under your outer jacket and over a thin polyester base layer. This configuration will provide the fastest and warmest heat transfer. The Microwire™-powered heat zones come to full temperature in seconds. The liner also serves as "home base" for glove, pant, and sock connections. Get the most out of the liner by pairing with one of our dual zone controllers, like the Dual Controller (Wireless Ready), or the Dual Bluetooth controller that features a "set it and forget it" temperature control technology (measures the internal temperatures, and ramps the heat up or down based on your selected temperature setting). Controller(s) sold separately.

All Gerbing installations require a Battery Harness and Temperature Controller for operation (sold separately).(INCLUDED).

(2).Gerbing Ultra-Lite Heated Gloves - 12V Motorcycle Size (SMALL) perfect average size. Item #:GLUL
Gerbing Ultra Lite heated motorcycle gloves are great for any rider trying to stay warm and extend the riding season. These great heated gloves connect directly to your motorcycle to provide unlimited warmth and comfort.

Gerbing's lightest heated riding gloves feature coreheat12 Thermovelocity Protection, ergonomic finger design for flexibility, easily adjustable wrist cinch straps with velcro closure and wear resistant palms with bone impact padding specifically designed for the temperature of speed.
Heated Motorcycle Gloves
Max Heat: 135\xC1F @ 27W
Power: 12V DC 2.2 Amp
Build: Ultra lightweight heated riding glove
Materials: SIRNO palm, polyester grid top, tricot lining
Gerbing Core Heat 12 Power System: The Core Heat 12 thermovelocity system is powered by a simple connection to your vehicle's DC power system. Core Heat 12 technology connects to your motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, boat or even airplane to keep you warm at the temperature of speed.

Gerbing Microwire Heating: The Microwire system is the most durable and efficient thermo-technology platform ever developed. Products incorporating Microwire technology utilizes patented micro-sized stainless steel fibers intertwined and encased in a proprietary waterproof coating. Gerbing Microwire technology will provide even heating for ultimate comfort.

(3) Gerbing 12V Digital Dual Portable Temp Controller - Wireless Ready.. Item # G1218U-ACC-930-001-10001

Gerbing's new Gyde Wireless Dual Temp Controller has two separate temperature controls that provide accurate settings for two different articles of heated clothing. This controller allows a single rider to set a temperature for their jacket liner and a different temperature for their pant liner.
Easily control temperature levels for ultimate comfort
Digital controllers ensure that your heated clothing uses only as much power as requested
Wires are UL listed and safe in all weather conditions
One-Year Warranty

Note: Remote sold separately....... (REMOTE INCLUDED WITH THIS SALE)....... Not for use with two jacket liners; only for use with a single jacket liner plus gloves, pants, and/or insoles.

(4) Gerbing 12V Dual Wireless Remote...

No more looking for knobs in your pocket! The Dual Wireless Remote arrives ready to be paired with the Dual Controller. The Wireless Remote gives the you the flexibility to mount it nearly anywhere. Works with the Dual Controller (sold separately).
(INCLUDED IN THIS SALE)...............

(5)..........Gerbing 12V Panel Mount...
The 12V Panel Mount is the receiving port for Coax Power Plug. It is simple to install, and enables you to plug in heated clothing with one hand. I was intending to mount on left side of headlight.. plastic piece...

Check it out... now's the time to get ready for some cold weather riding comfort...
PM me for easy e-mail correspondence...

EVERYTHING LISTED......$ 225 shipped To the United States....PayPal works too........
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